Quaker Blogs


Britain Yearly Meeting 2007 http://britainyearlymeeting.blogspot.com/

BYM 2009 Blog http://www.quakerweb.org.uk/ymgblog

JYM Blog 2009 www.jymblog.org.uk



Beeston Meeting http://beestonquakers.blogspot.com/

Bradford Quakers http://bradfordquakers.blogspot.com

Sheffield Quakers http://sheffieldquakers.blogspot.com/

South Belfast Quakers http://www.southbelfastquakers.org/sbq/Blog/Blog.html



Swarthmore Hall Blog http://www.swarthmoor.blogspot.com/



Woodbrooke Good lives Blog http://www.woodbrookegoodlives.blogspot.com/


Economics/Social issues

Quaker Economics Blog http://www.quakerweb.org.uk/blog/

Through the flaming sword http://throughtheflamingsword.wordpress.com/






David Cadman- http://www.davidcadman.net/

Quaker Street http://quakerstreet.blogspot.com/ (Jez Smith)

Faith in the Media http://symonhill.wordpress.com/ ( Symon Hill)

John Fitzgerald http://johnfitzgerald.me.uk/

The adventures of Rachel and John http://fitzgeraldfreewheel.wordpress.com/ (John and Rachel Fitzgerald)

Hay Quaker http://hayquaker1.blogspot.com (Ray Lovegrove)

Answering that of God http://fqatog.wikidot.com/  (Roland Carn- Wiki of FQ essay)

Nayler- The living spirit http://www.nayler.org/ (Jez Smith- magazine)

Not Your Friend http://nyfblog.blogspot.com/

Peace Peaces http://peacepeaces.blogspot.com/

Silent Blog http://lauraxpeace.livejournal.com/

Stumbling blocks to stepping stones http://stumblingstepping.blogspot.com/ (Gil Skidmore)

Under the green Hill http://underthegreenhill.blogspot.com/

William Heath’s blog http://williamheath.net/



Rachel Muers: http://rachelmuers.wordpress.com/





Planet Quaker http://planet.quaker.org/ – has list of US Quaker Blogs

Quaker Quaker http://www.quakerquaker.org/



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