Google docs- Cakes are the new shoes

According to Linda Slater’s article in ES magazine of 10/06/2010 cakes are the new must have for your discerning fasionista. Something to do with cakes being somewhat cheaper than shoes (which is useful in these financially challenging times!

To this end I have set up a spreadsheet listing the ‘must have’ cakes of the season which include a selection of the cakes mentioned in the article and a few I have thrown in for fun… apologies for being cupcake heavy. Any of my colleagues can add their must have cake list to this spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is available at

BTW I do like Cocomaya gluten free muffin


Social Networking- Facebook- My thoughts

Social networking- ten things I have done on Facebook

1. Shared my love of the music of Curtis Mayfield by uploading two videos (got a couple of nice comments too!)
2. Uploaded two Guardian articles on the treatment of Asylum Seekers
3. Joined groups for my favourite TV programmes ‘The Wire’, ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘The Daily show’
4. Managed to connect with all my many cousins- including two in New Zealand and two in South Africa and some long lost ones in Ulster!
5. May have caused a bit of a rift by indicating I was going to an event held by one cousin rather than one another cousin was holding at same time!
6. Kept my friends updated on my trip to Ireland
7. Sent an article about Stevie Wonder to my favourite DJ
8. Joined a group asking for the release of great Iranian director Jafar Panahi
9. Became Friends with members of my bookgroup
10. Got updates on events from British library and British Museum

Some Downsides of Facebook-

1. People can tag you in pictures you look awful in (I have experience of this!)
2. I wanted to keep my facebook account for work by my relatives quickly gatecrashed it!
3. You can’t edit your post unless you delete them
4. The search facility is often difficult to navigate
5. I am still not au fait with the etiquette of declining a Friend request!