June 42’s favourite tweeters!

I really like the following

The Womens Library @WomensLibrary

here a few of their tweets!
An amazing photo from our Votes for Women collection. http://twitpic.com/1lhl4r 4:29 AM May 6th via Twitpic

Book of the Day on this chilly Tuesday: ‘Frost in May’ by Antonia White http://tinyurl.com/37u332w 3:16 AM May 4th via web

Well, that was the biggest delivery of archive boxes I’ve ever seen… 6:20 AM Apr 30th via web
(that one goes out to Julia and Josef!)

The British Library @britishlibrary
here are a few tweets about their magnifcent maps exhibition

We’re on the Guardian home page #magnificentmaps http://www.guardian.co.uk/ about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

First day of new exhibition and people are loving the maps and the interactives too #magnificentmaps 2:59 AM Apr 30th via TweetDeck

Which is your favourite map? http://www.bl.uk/magnificentmaps/ #magnificentmaps 7:21 AM Apr 23rd via TweetDeck

Not to be confused with!
British Museum @britishmuseum

Discover the connection between drawing from life and abstract painting: Bridget Riley lecture 13 May. http://bit.ly/dws3xw 9:14 AM May 5th via TweetDeck

Curator of European Bronze Age Ben Roberts on the latest #AHOW blog post http://bit.ly/9M4HWf Season 2 starts on 17 May – excited? 6:04 AM May 4th via TweetDeck

and last but not least
The Wellcome Collection@ExploreWellcome

Have you taken pictures at Wellcome Collection? Why not drop them into our new Flickr pool? http://bit.ly/aFFLKn 3:18 AM May 5th via web
(combining with flickr- very web 2.0!)

Quacks and Cures: A New and Improved Remedy << Wellcome Collection blog http://bit.ly/a1nEXW 4:53 AM May 4th via web

I notice that different collections tweet via different formats ie web/tweetdesk

In my personal account I follow all three surviving June 42'ers
Paul McCartney @PaulMcCartney (I also follow The Beatles @thebeatles!) Paul follows only 3 tweeters (inluding Beatles and Meat Free monday) and has most followers with 78151 followers.

Brian Wilson @brianwilsonlive. Brian follows 7 tweeters (including Bob Dylan!) and has 1873 followers. He has 89 tweets

Gilberto Gil @gilbertogil- Gilberto is the most enthusiastic follower with 83 and has 33,363 followers. He is also most enthusastic tweeter with 482 tweets


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