UK Web Archive

Since early 2009, the Library has been working with the UK Web Archive to collect and preserve Quaker websites.

The UK Web Archive is a national venture provided by the British Library in partnership with the National Library by the British Library to collect, preserve and give continuous access to key UK “websites that publish research, that reflect diversity of lives, interests and activities throughout the UK, and that demonstrate web innovation”. As the Internet grows as importance as an information source and means of communication, there is a danger that important intellectual material may be lost for future researchers due to the temporal nature of many websites. The UK Web Archive was established to ensure that this material is recorded and saved for posterity.

The Library has identified over 250 Quaker websites representing Quaker views and activities in the UK to be archived by the UK Web Archive. They include the websites of area Quaker meetings, local Quaker meetings, Friends’ schools, Friends’ centres such as Swarthmoor Hall, special interest groups such as the Quaker Lesbian and Gay Fellowship, organisations such as Quaker Social Action and individual Quaker blogs. This archive of Quaker websites will be a valuable addition to the record of Friends’ activities and thought in the UK in the early twenty-first century.

In March there were 138 individual websites archived. This number will increase as the project progresses.

The web archive can be viewed at

If there is a Quaker website you would like to nominate for the Web Archive, please contact the Library and we will pass on the details to the British Library for consideration.


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