Nina pt. 2

Nina pt. 2

Hi again!

Here I am in set brought from you beautiful doll on Etsy It came with trainers which is good

Anti Slavery Resources on Web

General Sources

Has number of excellent links and guides from other collections and guides from other research guides

International Slavery Museum List of Resources

Includes anti slavery organisations and museums as well as research Resources

National Archives- Online Resources

Breaking the Silence (Anti-Slavery International)

Online archive of sites

National Collections

National Archive Resources

Parliamentary Papers

National Library of Scotland

National Archives Scotland

Finding slaves

Slave Voyages

Other Collections

University of Hull- WISE

Tyne and Wear Museums and Archives- Remembering Slavery

Understanding Slavery

Quaker Blogs


Britain Yearly Meeting 2007

BYM 2009 Blog

JYM Blog 2009



Beeston Meeting

Bradford Quakers

Sheffield Quakers

South Belfast Quakers



Swarthmore Hall Blog



Woodbrooke Good lives Blog


Economics/Social issues

Quaker Economics Blog

Through the flaming sword





David Cadman-

Quaker Street (Jez Smith)

Faith in the Media ( Symon Hill)

John Fitzgerald

The adventures of Rachel and John (John and Rachel Fitzgerald)

Hay Quaker (Ray Lovegrove)

Answering that of God  (Roland Carn- Wiki of FQ essay)

Nayler- The living spirit (Jez Smith- magazine)

Not Your Friend

Peace Peaces

Silent Blog

Stumbling blocks to stepping stones (Gil Skidmore)

Under the green Hill

William Heath’s blog



Rachel Muers:



Planet Quaker – has list of US Quaker Blogs

Quaker Quaker


Google docs- Cakes are the new shoes

According to Linda Slater’s article in ES magazine of 10/06/2010 cakes are the new must have for your discerning fasionista. Something to do with cakes being somewhat cheaper than shoes (which is useful in these financially challenging times!

To this end I have set up a spreadsheet listing the ‘must have’ cakes of the season which include a selection of the cakes mentioned in the article and a few I have thrown in for fun… apologies for being cupcake heavy. Any of my colleagues can add their must have cake list to this spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is available at

BTW I do like Cocomaya gluten free muffin

Social Networking- Facebook- My thoughts

Social networking- ten things I have done on Facebook

1. Shared my love of the music of Curtis Mayfield by uploading two videos (got a couple of nice comments too!)
2. Uploaded two Guardian articles on the treatment of Asylum Seekers
3. Joined groups for my favourite TV programmes ‘The Wire’, ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘The Daily show’
4. Managed to connect with all my many cousins- including two in New Zealand and two in South Africa and some long lost ones in Ulster!
5. May have caused a bit of a rift by indicating I was going to an event held by one cousin rather than one another cousin was holding at same time!
6. Kept my friends updated on my trip to Ireland
7. Sent an article about Stevie Wonder to my favourite DJ
8. Joined a group asking for the release of great Iranian director Jafar Panahi
9. Became Friends with members of my bookgroup
10. Got updates on events from British library and British Museum

Some Downsides of Facebook-

1. People can tag you in pictures you look awful in (I have experience of this!)
2. I wanted to keep my facebook account for work by my relatives quickly gatecrashed it!
3. You can’t edit your post unless you delete them
4. The search facility is often difficult to navigate
5. I am still not au fait with the etiquette of declining a Friend request!

June 42’s favourite tweeters!

I really like the following

The Womens Library @WomensLibrary

here a few of their tweets!
An amazing photo from our Votes for Women collection. 4:29 AM May 6th via Twitpic

Book of the Day on this chilly Tuesday: ‘Frost in May’ by Antonia White 3:16 AM May 4th via web

Well, that was the biggest delivery of archive boxes I’ve ever seen… 6:20 AM Apr 30th via web
(that one goes out to Julia and Josef!)

The British Library @britishlibrary
here are a few tweets about their magnifcent maps exhibition

We’re on the Guardian home page #magnificentmaps about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

First day of new exhibition and people are loving the maps and the interactives too #magnificentmaps 2:59 AM Apr 30th via TweetDeck

Which is your favourite map? #magnificentmaps 7:21 AM Apr 23rd via TweetDeck

Not to be confused with!
British Museum @britishmuseum

Discover the connection between drawing from life and abstract painting: Bridget Riley lecture 13 May. 9:14 AM May 5th via TweetDeck

Curator of European Bronze Age Ben Roberts on the latest #AHOW blog post Season 2 starts on 17 May – excited? 6:04 AM May 4th via TweetDeck

and last but not least
The Wellcome Collection@ExploreWellcome

Have you taken pictures at Wellcome Collection? Why not drop them into our new Flickr pool? 3:18 AM May 5th via web
(combining with flickr- very web 2.0!)

Quacks and Cures: A New and Improved Remedy << Wellcome Collection blog 4:53 AM May 4th via web

I notice that different collections tweet via different formats ie web/tweetdesk

In my personal account I follow all three surviving June 42'ers
Paul McCartney @PaulMcCartney (I also follow The Beatles @thebeatles!) Paul follows only 3 tweeters (inluding Beatles and Meat Free monday) and has most followers with 78151 followers.

Brian Wilson @brianwilsonlive. Brian follows 7 tweeters (including Bob Dylan!) and has 1873 followers. He has 89 tweets

Gilberto Gil @gilbertogil- Gilberto is the most enthusiastic follower with 83 and has 33,363 followers. He is also most enthusastic tweeter with 482 tweets

Things I found on Delicious!

– How to play the Beatles on the Ukulele
(via tag- Beatles)

– Pictures of the Icelandic volcano at the Met office site (via fresh bookmarks)

-Penn Treaty Museum (via tag- Quaker)

-How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you (via hotlist)

-Digitial economy act- this means war from Guradian Website (via fresh bookmarks)

-The learn list (via tag- tutorials)

Apps I like on my Igoogle

I like the unit converter- very useful!

I like the google reader which updates blogs I follow (could be a bit clearer if I have already read the entry though!)

I like Guardian World News

I like national rail enquiries

I like the 5 day weather forecast

And I especially like art of the day!

I like also that I could put time on left hand side and put apps I tend not to use on right

Not so impressed by the ebay app which does not work that well

A Flickr tour through Meeting houses in Cornwall

Here is Come-to-Good Meeting House

In use. Photo: Tony Haynes

Here is Marazion Meeting house


1688, in use. Looking north east.
Major repairs 1742, Classroom extension built 1961.
Picture taken in 2003; this is a copy of a print – quality will be improved on next visit.

Here is St. Austell Meeting Room

St Austell meeting room

Photo Vernon White.
In use. The high ministers’ stand is customary in Cornwall in this period.


Women’s hour podcast

I am looking forward to downloading and listening to some women’s hour podcasts!

Also some interesting podcasts at BL about digitalization

Also good to see Sherlock Holmes is on the case when it comes to Library conservation

Also this really is not the sort of behaviour we should be encouraging in the Library…

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